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"Smart" conservatory with folding glass wall

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Terrace cover

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Terrace solution – 06

We built a small but very “smart” conservatory. The structure is made of glued wood, the cover is made of glued safety glass. The glass roof is equipped with a motorised shading system that opens and closes automatically depending on the weather conditions.

The conservatory is closed off to the side with a folding glass wall. The glass wall consists of movable elements that can be pushed completely to the side in fine weather, thus opening up the terrace completely.

Motorised shades are fitted to the outer surface of the glass walls, which can be fully shaded in sunny weather. In addition to the shading, an infrared heating panel with separate thermostat control was installed for the cooler periods. This allows the heater to maintain the specified temperature.

The motorised – even automatic – movement of the blinds and the control of the heater were solved with a Somfy smart control. This even allows remote operation of individual units.