Deluxe Building

Deluxe Building Kft.

Székhely: 1165 Budapest, Ezerjó u. 11.

Telephely: 1173 Budapest, Összekötő u. 1. - Mesterek Háza

+36 (30) 278 9214

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Our reference works

Terrace cover
Ragasztott fateraszfedés eltolható üvegfallal 02
Winterized glued wood decking based on individual designs
Four-season patio cover with polycarbonate sheet cover and sliding glass wall with side closure
XIMAX NEO dupla kocsibeálló - Deluxe Building
XIMAX NEO double carport
XIMAX NEO carport with elegant lines and aluminium structure. Cover of smoke-coloured solid polycarbonate
Terrace cover
Antracit alumínium pergola pergoklimával
Bioclimatic pergola with shade
Bioclimatic pergola. Aluminium structure Pergoklima R601 type bioclimatic pergola with pivoting slats and side sunshade
Terrace cover
Télikert lapozható üvegfallal
"Smart" conservatory with folding glass wall
Small but very "clever" conservatory with folding glass wall, blinds and heating panel
Terrace cover
Teraszfedés árnyékoló lamellákkal
Robust patio cover with shading slats
A robust patio cover with glued wood construction with boxed, felt-plaster covered support posts and custom-made wooden slats.
Modern kocsibeálló
Modern design carport
Our modern carport is an excellent choice for those who like things that are beautiful, clean and functional at the same time.
Wellness house
Egyedi wellness tároló
Wellness storage
Ideal for storing garden tools.
Wellness house
Egyedi wellness ház
Unique wellness house
The luxury home experience.
Terrace cover
Nyitott üvegfedésű terasz
Open, glass-covered terrace
A stylish patio cover solution.
Terrace cover
Letisztult fehér pergola
Pergola in a clean style
Minimalist style white pergola with custom made glued wood structure
Terrace cover
Egyedi burkolatos terasz
Unique terrace covering with Trespa cladding
The unique terrace roofing with concealed drainage and Trespa composite cladding was built. The cover is made of smoke-coloured polycarbonate.

Solar powered

Napelemes kocsibeálló vas szerkezettel
Solar carport
Our solar carport is not only environmentally friendly, it is also aesthetically pleasing.
Minimál stílusú kocsibeálló
Minimalist style carport
This minimalist-style carport is a worthy addition to the minimalist-style house. The structure of the carport is made of glued wood.
Egyedi nyitott kocsibeálló LED világítással
Unique open driveway with LED lighting
A glued wooden structure carport with an anthracite roof in harmony with the surroundings and remote controlled LED lighting.
Ragasztott fa szerkezetű szendvics panel fedésű zárt garázs - Deluxe Building
Clean style enclosed garage
Clean style, glued wood construction, sandwich panel covered enclosed garage.
ragasztott fa szerkezetű polikarbonát fedésű kocsibeálló
Glued wooden structure carport
Custom designed carport.