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Winterized glued wood decking based on individual designs

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Terrace cover

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This decking design’s L-shaped layout and glued wood construction focuses on both style and functionality. Treating the wood material with a thin layer of lacquer not only increases durability, but also enhances the beauty of the original wood, creating a harmonious relationship with the surrounding nature.

The use of clear, cavity-chambered polycarbonate sheets as part of the cover has several advantages. These sheets are lightweight yet highly resistant to a variety of weather conditions, providing long-lasting protection under the decking. The clear water feature allows natural light to flood in, creating a pleasant, natural environment on the terrace.

The addition of a sliding glass wall system to the patio cover is an excellent fit for four-season use. This allows the terrace to function as a conservatory, allowing it to be enjoyed and used even in colder weather. The sliding glass walls allow the terrace to be partially or fully open, so users can enjoy the fresh air and the closeness to nature without being affected by weather conditions.

This patio design is therefore not only aesthetically attractive and environmentally friendly, but also offers users a flexible and versatile solution to enjoy and strengthen the connection between the built environment and nature. The terrace is thus a multifunctional space that allows you to fully enjoy your leisure time and relax while enjoying the closeness of nature and comfort.