Deluxe Building

Deluxe Building Kft.

Székhely: 1165 Budapest, Ezerjó u. 11.

Telephely: 1173 Budapest, Összekötő u. 1. - Mesterek Háza

+36 (30) 278 9214


We build our carports from custom designs or prefabricated systems, which can be made of metal, wood, aluminium, single or double car design.

If required, we can also build complete carports, even with solar panels.

Ragasztott fa szerkezetű polikarbonát fedésű kocsibeálló

Open carports

We build in glued wood, iron and aluminium, in single and double car designs. We can also build complete carportson request, even with solar panels. Together with our customers, we plan the design and technical solution that best suits their needs and the environment. In most cases, the site conditions require a building of a unique size, built in a modern, mostly minimalist style. We can also add enclosed storage to our carports on request. The containers are also custom-made and are closed with single or double doors.

Closed garages

Our enclosed garage solutions are made with a similar supporting structure to open carports, mainly of glued wood or iron. According to our customers’ needs, the side closure can be made in an insulated version or in a non-insulated version.

The choice of the material for the side closure is always made in consultation with our customers to find the best solution for their needs and the environment. We also build walls from sandwich panels, flooring or lightweight plastered walls.

For more information on material options, click here.

Our garages are complemented with quality Hörmann garage doors that provide total comfort, for a long-lasting durable solution.

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Exkluzív XIMAX kocsibeálló - XIMAX MyPort 7
Exkluzív XIMAX kocsibeálló - XIMAX MyPort 7

Exclusive XIMAX carports

Our company also distributes prefabricated driveway products. The XIMAX range offers exclusive solutions with a Japanese design.

Some of the most elegant solutions from XIMAX are not only functional, but also have a truly innovative aesthetic that enhances the shine and value of our customers’ buildings. 

XIMAX carports are made of aluminium and come with a 10-year manufacturer’s warranty.


We build aesthetic and functional spaces