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Solar covers

In our country, too, more and more solar systems are being installed in private households. We are using more and more electricity in our homes and more and more electric cars are on the road. One of the biggest challenges of our time is to use green solutions to meet our growing energy needs, while also trying to compensate for the negative effects of climate change.

Napelemes kocsibeálló vas szerkezettel
Napelemes kocsibeálló vas szerkezettel

While our customers are becoming more and more environmentally conscious and thus the interest in our solar solutions is growing month by month, more and more subsidies are available for the installation of solar systems for family houses in Hungary.

Often there is not enough space on the roof or the orientation of the roof surface of the house is not correct. In such cases, building a solar carport or patio cover can be an ideal solution for installing a solar system.

Our team strives to make our solar buildings not only functional, but also aesthetically pleasing. Therefore, we have developed a covering/mounting technique that allows us to mount conventional solar modules directly to the rafters and create a watertight roof surface unlike standard solar mounting solutions. This watertight mounting technique allows the solar modules to provide direct cover, so there is no need for an extra fixed roof under the solar modules. This gives you an aesthetic and economical solution at the same time.

When building solar terraces, the so-called. glass-glass solar modules are recommended. In the manufacture of glass-glass solar cells, the solar cells are sandwiched between two layers of transparent glass, creating a transparent surface between the cells that allows sunlight to pass through. This gives our terrace half sun, half shade.

In the case of a solar carport, we recommend the installation of conventional solar modules. Conventional modules have a layer of glass on top, but a transparent but not opaque layer underneath. So some light gets through the roof, but our car is shaded by the cover.

In our experience, more and more often our customers are thinking of building a carport as an investment that can pay for itself and not just a necessary cost.

For example, the roof surface area of an average-sized carport (about 20m2) with one car. 2.5-3 kW solar panel system can be installed, which covers most of the electricity needs of an average family home or provides the charging needs of an electric car.

Napelemes fedés, ragasztott fa szerkezettel
Solar roofing with glued wood structure
Napelemes kocsibeálló, ragasztott fa szerkezettel
Napelemes kocsibeálló, ragasztott fa szerkezettel

The energy panels of our solar carports have a long warranty, so we strive for durability in the design of the structure. For a metal structure, we recommend galvanised iron or aluminium, which can be powder coated to give a beautiful, aesthetic appearance. However, we also heartily recommend glued wood construction, which will also stand the test of time when treated with a loose or full coverage paint.

As the solar modules are placed close to the body (not on the roof) in the case of a terrace roof or carport, another important aspect is the aesthetic hiding and routing of the cables. The wiring of the solar modules is collected in a ridge cable duct and routed to the inverter in the most concealed form possible.

We work with Hungary’s leading solar panel distributors in the construction of our solar roofs, who, in addition to the selection of solar panels, also assist our Customers in the process of licensing and possible applications .


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