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Terrace covers

Our covered and enclosed patio solutions not only extend the living space of your home, but also provide a pleasant, relaxing environment for the whole family.

üvegfedésű terasz
Decking - Glued wood with glass cover

OTHER Terrace coverings

Typically, our patio covers are made of transparent material. In most cases, the aim is to allow as much light as possible to enter through the windows and doors of the part of the building adjacent to the terrace, while the terrace roof provides an enclosed surface that protects from the rain and provides a pleasant environment.

For terraces, the most popular is the glass cover, which is a safety, bonded finish. An alternative is clear polycarbonate, which is not completely transparent but allows most of the sunlight to pass through. The advantage of glass is its clear, unbreakable transparent surface and durability, while the disadvantage is its higher material cost. Polycarbonate has the advantage of a lower price, the disadvantage of a less aesthetic “striped” appearance and it is more scratchy in the rain than glass.

Enclosed terraces, conservatories

The side closure of the terraces can be made with classic insulated windows, typically with plastic or aluminium profiles. These conservatories are suitable for full four-season use, as the enclosed space can be heated and cooled all year round. A complete conservatory construction requires a well thought-out foundation.

Zárt teraszok, Télikertek
Enclosed terraces, Conservatories
Mediterrán stílusú oldalzárások
Teraszok-Mediterrán stílusú oldalzárás

Mediterranean style side closures

As winters in our country are getting warmer, terraces with folding glass curtains are becoming increasingly popular. Folding glass curtain solutions are made of a single layer of toughened glass and are therefore not insulated. However, enclosed spaces can also be tempered in winter, using temporary heating such as infrared panels to warm the air to a comfortable temperature.

A further advantage of folding glass curtain solutions is that they can be fully opened in the summer, allowing the terrace area to be integrated with the garden and the surroundings, without the need to go around the thick fixed profiles typical of insulated windows.


In the heat of the summer, a transparent roof can have the disadvantage of too much sunshine and overheating of the air due to the “greenhouse effect”. We can transform our patio solutions into a fully-fledged, comfortable environment by installing shades. Our motorised roof shading solutions are mounted on the outer surface of the patio roof or conservatory roof and are complemented with a sun-light-rain sensor. The terrace is closed off from the sides by side blinds. All shades can also be equipped with “smart-house” controls, so that they can be fully integrated into an existing system or a new one can be built.

Terasz árnyékolás
Shading - Enclosed terraces, Conservatories
Terasz világítás - hűtés-fűtés
Terasz világítás

Lighting, heating-cooling

Our state-of-the-art patio covers are complemented with lighting: LED spotlights, LED strips or other aesthetic fixtures according to your needs.

The patio/conservatory can be heated by suitably sized infrared heating panels, electric underfloor heating, or by a cooling air-conditioning unit that also cools the air in summer.


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