Deluxe Building

Deluxe Building Kft.

Székhely: 1165 Budapest, Ezerjó u. 11.

Telephely: 1173 Budapest, Összekötő u. 1. - Mesterek Háza

+36 (30) 278 9214

About us

The Deluxe Building Ltd. team builds lightweight structures for private individuals. Our solutions include mainly carports, patio covers and wellness houses.

We are constantly building our team and developing the skills of our people. Our primary focus is to organise projects with a sense of purpose and to take maximum account of our clients’ needs.

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We build value

We build durable and aesthetic buildings. As it is relatively rare for our clients to build their own decking or carport, we aim to make our buildings a long-term investment that will delight our clients and add value to their property.

We strive for satisfaction

Most of our works are custom-made by the dedicated work of our  team of professionals. 

Our primary goal is to ensure that all participants in our projects – our clients and ourselves – are satisfied with the results and the process of collaboration.

We are maximalists

We strive for the best solutions in our design and construction processes.

We strive not only to meet but also to exceed our customers’ expectations. We can’t work miracles, but we try to make the best, most valuable use of the opportunities available.

We build / plan for the long term

We build our work for the long term and plan our projects accordingly. We spare no effort, time and money to create timeless solutions.

Our company operates on a stable background, our team is constantly growing and expanding. We offer a 5-10 year guarantee on our buildings (depending on the type) and periodically carry out condition surveys and repair any defects.

We are constantly evolving, developing

One of our most important goals every day is to keep improving. We develop our skills, learn new skills and encourage and support our staff to do the same.

We are constantly improving our equipment, machinery and fleet. We are ahead of the times: we produce 3D visual plans and use the latest survey and design tools in our work.

We constantly strive to provide better, more beautiful, more durable, more valuable solutions for our customers. We focus on proven, best value for money solutions.

We are getting greener

Most companies are striving to work more efficiently, using less energy. We have a small team, but like larger companies, we’re going green as much as we can. We are continuously improving the average age of our vehicles and thereby reducing our carbon footprint.

In our projects, when it comes to material selection, we recommend more ecologically friendly solutions. For example, when it comes to deciding on the material for the construction of our buildings, we are keen to “lobby” for glued wood solutions. Wood is a renewable resource, and although it requires cutting down trees, the production of glued laminated timber is a much more environmentally friendly process than the production of aluminium or iron.

In addition, every month there is more and more interest in our solar carport and patio solutions, which in themselves contribute to greening the planet.

How do we work?

We work in close cooperation with our customers

As our goal is to build to the satisfaction of all involved, we spend a lot of time at the beginning of the project to get to know our clients’ ideas and to let our clients get to know our team.

We will refine the ideas in several rounds, then design, prepare and build on site. In the meantime, the most important thing is the continuous coordination between our clients and our team members. Whatever the question or challenge, we’ll find a solution. And we work until the project is “finished”, until our clients and ourselves are satisfied with the result.

Careful planning and preparation is the key to success

Most of our works are custom-made by a dedicated team of professionals.

Our primary goal is to ensure that all participants in our projects – our clients and ourselves – are satisfied with the results and the process of collaboration.

Quality materials, quality workmanship

We use the best value for money materials in the design and preparation. The supporting structures are made of glued wood, aluminium or iron. We cover our state-of-the-art solutions with solar modules.

We are punctual and flexible

One of the most important parts of our project organisation is proper preparation afterwards, with close follow-up of each step. We plan each step carefully and take into account the timing of the interdependent processes. There are unexpected events in every project, but we are prepared for them and we also prepare our clients for the uncertainties of the evening.

If we make a mistake, we fix it

As much as we don’t like to make mistakes, sometimes they happen. This is one of the key drivers of our development. If we make a mistake, we will spend time and money to fix it, fix it, fix the problem.

We pay attention to detail

We believe that one of the most important things to achieve satisfaction in the execution of our projects is to pay attention to the often small details. So not only do we focus on millimetre-precise fitting when we build, but we also try to be as accurate as possible in the way we work together, both within the team and in our discussions with our customers.

How does the project typically progress?

Request for a preliminary proposal
Preliminary offer
On-site survey, personal meeting
Clarifying needs, finalising plans and budget
Contract conclusion, project launch
On-site construction
Agreement, transfer
Administrative closure of the project