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The new generation of pergolas with aluminium structure, the bioclimatic pergola types, are becoming increasingly popular in our country. Our company sells Umbroll pergola products and also carries out full on-site installation.

Antracit alumínium pergola
Aluminium structure pergola

possible uses

Bioclimatic pergola structures can be built for a variety of purposes. This can be done in full:

  • decking
  • conservatory
  • garden dining room cover
  • catering unit terrace covering
  • pool cover
  • carport

Key Features

  • aluminium structure and stainless steel parts
  • motorised operation, smart home control option
  • rain protection and shading in one
  • 4 seasons usability
  • comfortable use: the angle of the slats can be adjusted at the touch of a button
  • provide airflow, an important consideration during hot summer days
  • can be fitted with a side wall to provide protection against the wind
  • hidden drainage and drainage
Fehér alumínium pergola pergoklima fűtéssel
Pergola terrace roofing
Alumínium pergoklima pergola 09
Pergola slats


A bioclimatic pergola is not only an aesthetic addition to modern homes, but its versatile functionality ensures a high level of comfort during both summer sunshine and rainy autumn days.

A very practical feature of the bioclimatic pergola is that its slats can be moved at the touch of a button to adapt to different weather conditions: it has an adjustable tilt angle for sun protection and closed slats to help protect against rain. In some types, the slats can be gathered together, leaving part of the cover free.

The slats are moved by remote-controlled motors, which can be controlled by automatic sun and rain sensors, and can also be supplemented with smart home control systems.

Side closure shielding

If you are primarily looking to protect against the summer sun, you can add motorised shading solutions to your pergola. The Umbroll Zip range is perfect for this.

Zip side closures are also available in Sattler tarpaulin or solar mesh. The remote-controlled motorised shades can be linked to sun-wind sensor-controlled automation, similar to the movement of pergola slats. This allows you to set the side blinds to automatically open to provide shade in strong sunshine and close in windy conditions.

Depending on the width, the Umbroll Zip shades have an enclosure of 10-13 cm, which is the amount of usable height between the legs. The awning or solar net runs up and down in a double-sided running track with a small, elegant aluminium structure measuring 4 cm.

Alumínium pergoklima pergola 00
Pergola side with shade
Télikert lapozható üvegfallal 10
Folding glass wall side closure

Scrollable glass walls

The living space provided by our pergola can be enjoyed all year round if it is surrounded by a glass wall. Folding glass wall systems give your terrace a real Mediterranean style, luxurious feel, which can be used in autumn and winter.

The folding glass wall is made up of 70-80 cm wide single-layer tempered glass inserts. These glass elements can be slid along the top-bottom guide rail system and rotated on either side to assemble. This allows one side of the pergola to be fully opened in fine weather. The disadvantage of single-layer glass elements is that they are not thermally insulated, so they cannot be used to build a full-fledged conservatory solution. But with the addition of infra heating, for example, we can provide comfortable warmth during your stay.

Lighting and heating solutions

Adding lighting to the pergola structure can make a big contribution to extending your living space. One way to do this is to install small spotlights in the louvres. With the right distribution, we can ensure even light under the cover. Another option is the installation of LED strips, which can be installed mainly on the main support structure, in a circle and, in the case of multi-coloured finishes, can provide pleasant, even hidden, mood lighting.

In the cooler autumn-winter months, we can make much better use of the living space of pegolas by adding a side enclosure and heating the space with infrared heating panels. Infrared heating mainly heats objects and thus transfers heat to the environment. The advantage of infrared heating is that it heats quickly and efficiently, but it should only be used when you are in the space.

Fehér alumínium pergola pergoklima fűtéssel
Pergola with spot lighting and infra heating


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