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Maximum comfort on our terrace, the bioclimatic pergola opens up new horizons

Beauty and utility

The design of the bioclimatic pergola, which fits in well with current architectural trends, is flat-roofed and not sloping, with an imposing, clean cube shape, representing the minimal style.

A practical solution with concealed channels and integrated rainwater drainage further enhances the trend-following design. It is an aesthetic addition to modern homes, offering a wide range of features for maximum comfort. But sustainable architecture followers now know that the use of modern technologies, materials and solutions is not just a fad for convenience, but a way forward.

The angle of the bioclimatic pergola slats, which rotate on their axis, can be adjusted from 0 to 140 degrees by remote control using electric motors. In addition, an automatically controlled system with sensors monitors the weather and closes the slats when it rains, and when the sun is shining, it follows the sun and continuously adjusts the angle of the slats to provide the patio with the right amount of shade. At the same time, depending on the program set, it provides adequate ventilation and blocks the sun when the sun sensor measures a certain intensity of light. Of course, your program can be re-evaluated at any time and the remote control can be used to adjust the slats of the pergola to your liking. The remote control of the bioclimatic pergola can also be integrated with other smart home control systems.

Bioclimatic pergola as a patio cover

We know and use many types of louvre blinds. Some are really only good for shading, some reflect as much light as possible from their material and some are a Porsche of bioclimatic pergolas, patio covers and shades that take the benefits of all these versions and improve them. To find out more about this new shading technology, contact our experts.

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